Gentlemen's Tonic Age Defence Supplements 75g

Gentlemen's Tonic Age Defence Supplements 75g
Kategoriat: Ravintolisät, Luteinit
Brand: Gentlemen's Tonic
34.95 EUR

Allow the Gentlemen’s Tonic Age Defence Supplements to help to encourage a glow from within. Created to work in unison with a healthy, balanced diet, the supplements are perfect for people prone to excessive sebum and fine lines. Brightening Vitamin C works in unison with Vitamin E, helping to defend your skin from external aggressors. Zeaxanthin and Lutein, more powerful antioxidants, work to minimise the effect of blue light from screens. Hyaluronic Acid assists with supporting the look of normal plumpness across your base, which is emphasised by a boost of Aloe Vera. The anti-ageing supplements are finished with Turmeric, which is said to help to maintain typical digestive function, along with offering anti-inflammatory support.