Eagle Creek Easy Blink silmätyynyt

Eagle Creek Easy Blink silmätyynyt
Kategoriat: Korvatulpat
Brand: Eagle Creek
11.9 EUR

This new super-slim eyeshade is lightweight and washable. Plus it’s “blink-able”. Ingenius, right? We know no one likes to feel their eyelashes hit their eyeshade. Made of micro fleece, this ultra comfy eyeshade with Lights Out coverage helps give your eyes the indulgence of luxurious rest and relaxation… We value travel comfort because we value experiencing everyday delight. Product Features An eyeshade with curved shaping for blink-ability and maximum eye comfort Lights Out coverage Comfortable adjustable elastic strap for a perfect fit Washable Lifetime Warranty Product Specs WEIGHT 19 g FABRIC Comfort Stretch Dimensions 19 x 8 cmValmistajan tuotenumero: EC041179010