BCB Hangover selviytytymispakkaus

BCB Hangover selviytytymispakkaus
Kategoriat: Korvatulpat
Brand: BCB
12.9 EUR

Selvitymispakkaus lomajuhlinnan jälkeiseen päivään! Sisältää: Pahoinvointipussi, vedenpitävät laastarit, karkkia, korvatulpat, matkahammasharja, kahvia jne. Description: The Hangover Relief Tin for surviving the day after the night before. Start your recovery with a Coffee & Mint cake for a double hit of Energy, put in the ear plugs to try to stop that pounding noise (it won’t work, but you won’t care). Use the tweezers to pick out the gravel in your hands & knees, Grab the sick bag in case the Kebab won’t stay down, finally clean your teeth and promise it’ll never happen again!!! Contents: Sick Bag, Waterproof Plasters, Tweezers, Pair of Ear Plugs, Folding Toothbrush, Mint Cake, Coffee Sachet, Barley Sugar.