Alpine Sleepsoft & Clean, korvatulpat ja korvatulppien puhdistusspray setti

Alpine Sleepsoft & Clean, korvatulpat ja korvatulppien puhdistusspray setti
Kategoriat: Korvatulpat
Brand: Alpine
16.9 EUR

Earplugs for sleeping and concentration. Now as a combination package, the 5ml clean is included with the SleepSoft earplugs. This combination offers the possibility to keep the SleepSoft earplugs clean as well as extend the life of the earplugs. How much sound do the sleepsoft earplugs mute? Alpine SleepSoft earplugs have an average damping (SNR) of 25 dB. This means that disturbing environmental noises are muffled. However, you will still hear significantly louder noises. Of course, you will hear them less loud. Many people find it easier to fall asleep while wearing the earplugs and wake up less easily. Noises such as your alarm clock, doorbell or children can still be heard. Unique product specifications With extremely soft filters, especially designed for (side) sleepers Comes with 5ml Cleaning spray for cleaning and life extending use Also suitable improving your concentration Minigrip. This handy grip makes removing the earplugs even easier. Handy and compact storage box With Alpine Cleaner to easily clean the earplugs Can be worn all day and night Silicone-free Reusable Packaging contents Alpine Clean 5ml cleaning spray Two universal thermoplastic hearing protectors Two acoustic soft filters Alpine Cleaner Plastic carrying case Alpine insertion sleeve